We have a number of Netgear ReadyNAS devices across our offices. All of these run nightly Rsync backup jobs back to a ReadyNAS 516 in head office. The 516 device also does a daily snapshot of the shares. Note that as most of our offices utilise ADSL, we had to manually transport a copy of […]

I don’t expect to have to do this again but include it here just in case I do or it helps someone else avoid what I went through. Essentially, you cannot use the latest version (2.05.05) of the Netgear Smartwizard software to update the firmware of this switch.  I had to use 2.05.03. Note that I […]

I went to install Sharepoint Designer 2013 (32 bit) today and got this error: First, I tried a reboot and install again but no difference. Then I had a look here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/838687 And saw something about ‘WebRoot Spysweeper’. I use AVG Internet Security Network Edition and wondered if disabling this would make any difference. As […]

A long story but I am running 1x Exchange 2003 and 2x Exchange 2010 servers in the same domain. The Ex20210 servers are generating lots of error events with EventID 12014. I know that this can be resolved by installing the appropriate certificates but we aren’t quite ready to do that yet which is part […]

I just built a computer on the weekend primarily as a test server to assist in study for VMware and Microsoft certifications. To cut a long story short (a future post perhaps), ESXi installed ok but would not boot from a local SSD drive. I tried all sorts of options in the BIOS and installing […]

Here are some interesting pages regarding network traffic analysis: http://crashedsecurity.blogspot.com.au/ The following are referred to by the above blog in a post titled “PCAP Analysis Tools”. Thanks Xenadmin. http://www.emc.com/security/rsa-netwitness.htm#!freeware http://www.xplico.org/about

I have dabbled a bit with Linux and BSD based systems over the years both at work and home. This has primarily been around Apache, MySQL and PHP but has included struggles getting Samba connected to Active Directory. Recently I stumbled across this product from Centrify and thought it interesting enough to include here. I […]