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Change Local Administrator password complexity requirements …

I recently had reason to reset the Local Administrator password to one that did not satisfy the local security policy complexity requirements. This server had already been joined to the domain. Firstly, I logged on as local administrator and tried to change the password complexity requirement here: Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Account […]

Active Directory Single Sign-On to UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X

I have dabbled a bit with Linux and BSD based systems over the years both at work and home. This has primarily been around Apache, MySQL and PHP but has included struggles getting Samba connected to Active Directory. Recently I stumbled across this product from Centrify and thought it interesting enough to include here. I […]

OTRS and Active Directory …

I had a look at OTRS a few years ago but didn’t get a chance to test it much. To be honest, i remember that i wasn’t really impressed with the interface at the time either. Anyhow, i had reason to be looking at Helpdesk options recently and came across the OTRS website again. ┬áIt […]