Samsung Galaxy s4 (Telstra) Update to Android 4.3 breaks WIFI …

Traditionally an iPhone user, I recently swapped my iPhone 4 for my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S4. A very good trade you might say. At this stage, I think not but will reserve my judgement for a little while. “So why did you swap?”, I hear you say. Well, here is why.

Against my advice, my wife recently replaced her dead iPhone 4 with a Galaxy S4. Primarily because of the big screen, I’m told! Soon after, she discovered that the larger size was very uncomfortable to hold. Being the wonderful caring husband that I am, I agreed to swap.

To get to the point, when I starting working with the phone, I got a message saying that there was an update available. Of course, I just jumped right in and using Kies, downloaded the update and applied it to me phone. Imagine my surprise when I restarted the phone to discover that WIFI was not working. Now, I decided to search the web for a reason. It did not take long to find the thousands of messages complaining about broken 4.3 and WIFI. I also note that some US carriers have pulled the update from their systems. Not sure why Telstra or even Samsung are enabling the update to be pushed out in the face of the numbers of people complaining.

This time, I went to and downloaded 4.2 here:

I applied this to my phone and voila! WIFI worked first time!

Anyow, hope this help someone.


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