Sharepoint and Windows Azure Infrastructure Services (WAIS) …

I came across this article by Keith Mayer a few weeks ago:

However, it was only this week that I was able to dedicate some time to setting up my own sharepoint lab. Its pretty cool. I especially like the scripts that make it easy to unprovision and reprovision the VMs. It is only when the VMs are provisioned that they use up time in the 90 day trial. Thanks for the great article Keith.

At work we are in the process of putting together a basic intranet using Sharepoint 2013 Foundation and SQL 2012 Express. There are some in management who have certain expectations but are unwilling to purchase Server or Enterprise. We are hoping we can use this trial lab to demonstrate some of the differences between the versions. Anyhow, the WAIS is obviously not just limited to a Sharepoint lab. So, go ahead and setup your own lab. Go on …


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