CentOS 6 KVM, Bonded and Bridged Networking …

This is still a work in progress as i cannot get bridging to work over bonded NICs. At this stage i suspect at least part of the problem is the Netgear GS716T switch i’m using. I have a server with 2 NICs. I want to use both for KVM VMs that will be in the same LAN. I have had it almost working but pings only worked to some hosts on the LAN. I also could not ping VM even from the KVM host. I have tried both modes 4 and 6 for the bond. Anyhow, these are links to a whole bunch of pages i’ve looked at so far:

















  1. Saw your pingback, I wish I could help you but you might have seen that I converted over to using OpenVZ for my visualization.

    You tried OpenvSwitch?

    maybe this? http://blog1.linuxz2.com.ar/?p=464

    1. Thanks. I didn’t realise a pingback is what happens when i add links to a post – a bit new to this :) I’ll have a look at that link. I did look at Openvswitch but installing it seemed to get complicated very quickly. Bridging a bonded interface looked much simpler to begin with. Now, i’m not so sure :)

  2. Great bunch of links. I’d love to see this develop into a how-to. In my day job we have servers that have bridged networking over a bonded cards – so it is possible.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback and glad to know it works. I’ll keep plugging away and perhaps turn it into some form of howto. Unfortunately, its bit of a side project so i only get to it as time permits.

  3. Hey,

    Saw your pingback – i’d definitely try another switch, I used some real cheapo piece of crap and it wouldn’t work. Changed to something slightly better and it picked up. Saying that, your switch isn’t cheap!

    Possibly try a firmware upgrade on the switch?

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